For those in India after you complete your root canal process, you immediately start feeling hungry. The stomach will immediately begin to growling, looking for food to fill it. However, you need to consider several things before putting the food into your mouth. Most of the people in India have done a root canal.

The root canal involves cleaning of the tooth from inside by cleaning the pulp and replacing it with very robust material to repair your tooth. The tooth is then sealed well, and a crown is secured on it that will see its functionality continue well.

Indian food to eat after the root canal

Even after spending a lot of time after the root canal treatment, your mouth will remain numb from the anesthesia. This is the main reason you need to be very careful when eating to ensure you do not bite accidentally on something which will cause irritation or pain.

You need to consider the following things before consuming any food after the root canal;

  • Eat on the opposite of the treated tooth
  • Eat slowly
  • Consume only soft foods that need less chewing

The following are the Indian foods you need to consume after the root canal.

1. Fresh smoothies

Most Indies will tell you to load the ice-cream for the formation of the ice creams however you need to know that you are on a dose of very strong antibiotics that will destroy the mibiome in the gut. You can make smoothies that have plenty of the probiotic-rich yoghurt.

Put the yoghurt into the smoothies and mix with sweet additives such as the frozen fruit, bananas you can also combine with the cocoa powder. Add a lot of milk since you will not use a straw when drinking it.

2. Soups 

Soup cannot miss on this list as it is one of the most commonly taken foods after the root canal surgery in India. However, not all the soups are good after the surgery. The best soup you can probably have is the chicken noodle soup. However, ensure that it does not have any noodles as they are hard to chew in the first days. Blend the noodles and drink to make it easy for swallowing them.

3. Eggs

Eggs are soft, and you can eat them after the root canal surgery. Scrambled eggs are the best. All you need to do is to stir the eggs until they are firmed and mi it with the cheese of your choice and transfer them straight to the plate. The good things about these eggs are that when cooling down, they will continue cooking and together with avocado, it is a great meal that will make you feel good after the root canal surgery.

4. Cheese

Cheese is an excellent source of the probiotics. The soft cheese is excellent after the root canal surgery. Ensure that you eat tiny pieces or you shred them and mix to any soft meal and eat. The cottage cheese is the best from them all and is an excellent snack after the root canal surgery.

5. Oatmeal

There are plenty of oatmeal’s in India. There is plenty of food that you will fail to consume, but the oatmeal will be great for you. They are good, especially during breakfast. Do not make steel cuts oats as they are tough to swallow. Just use any basic oatmeal recipe and mix with soft fruits such as the banana or blueberries that are mashed.

6. Mashed potatoes

Solid potatoes may be hard for you after the root canal procedure. You can not only mash it but also blend it with other ingredients to come up with soft, creamy and very delicious mashed potatoes such as the herbs or minced bacon. You need to ensure that they are adequately diced. Mashed potatoes will be your diet until 

7. Pudding, Frosting and Sheet Cakes

Pudding is one of the sweet foods that you can take during the recovery of the root canal procedure. Pudding will move down your throat very quickly. You will want to drink up to twelve glasses of pudding. However, a frosted cupcake 

Indian Foods to avoid after the root canal procedures

Roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables are tough to chew after just having oral surgery. The roasted food can lodge into your gums, and you won’t be able to remove it easily without feeling any pain. 


Unless the meat is blended or overcooked so that it is very soft, after the oral surgery, you need to put aside your cravings for any meat, be it beef, poultry, pork or fish. There is no easy way to eat this meat after the root canal surgery.


You will miss bread after the surgery, but you need to avoid in the first few days after the surgery. Any type of bread is not good for you after the surgery as they will seriously harm your gums. If the jaws feel strong after five days, then you can try the bread. But it is recommended you heed to the advice of the dentist first.

Spicy foods

You should avoid spicy foods, especially salt and pepper. Ensure that you do not put them in plenty as the stinging feeling is not suitable for your mouth after the root canal surgery. Ensure you do not use spices such as the cayenne pepper.

Chips or any nuts

After the procedure, you will have to avoid this food; there is sodium content in them that is likely to irritate the susceptible gums. And crunchy foods will likely get stuck to the holes causing injuries.


Avoid this noodle. Do not eat any pasta after the root canal surgery as they may be stuck onto the gums. A dentist, however, may recommend you consume pasta that has broken into tiny pieces.


For those in India, we have made it easier for you. We have discussed above the best foods you need to consume after the root canal procedure and those that you should not.

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