A root canal is just surgery, and you will feel plenty of pain after the procedure. It involves cleaning deep into the inside of the canals of your tooth that can lead to the irritation of the surrounding nerves and the gums. The pain is not supposed to last forever.

The main aim of the root canal procedure is to assist you in avoiding any pain caused by the decaying of the tooth. You will experience very mild pain in the first few days after the root canal procedure. If you continue experiencing the pain, then you need to undertake additional cleaning measures from the dentist.

Initial recovery period

For those who undergo this procedure in the past, it was a harrowing experience. It led to so many people avoiding these procedures. Nowadays, we have pain killers that will relieve any pain a person will experience after the root canal procedure. 

The dentist applies the local anesthetic, which reduces the pain. However, you will feel pressure during the cleaning process, but during the actual procedure, you do not need to be in pain. When the local anesthetic wears off during the root canal procedure, you will experience very mild pain, and it causes sensitivity.

The above reason is related to the cleaning process. The cleaning process sees the dentist make a small opening in the crown of the teeth and will clean the diseased pulp in the pulp chamber of the tooth.  The pain should only for a short time.

The pain experienced during the root canal procedure should be mild; hence over the counter medicine will be great for you. They include the following medications, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Ensure that you visit your dentist first before starting to use these medications to ensure you follow the correct procedures.

It is also recommended you avoid taking hard foods immediately after the root canal procedures as it will lead to more pain.

When you need to look for help

The pain should reduce over a period of time on its own. If you continue experiencing the pain or swelling, you need to see the dentist. After the root canal procedure, many people need one or two sessions. During this period, you will experience recurring pain. 

However, the pain should go away if you are using any over the counter medication. If the pain does not disappear after these medications, the dentist will prescribe powerful pain killers such as the ibuprofen or any narcotic pain relievers. However, the medications are only taken o a temporary basis.

After the mouth is healed completely, a dentist will put a crown on top of it. The crown can be from metal, porcelain or gold. The main reason is to prevent any future damage to a delicate tooth. Pain is, however, a temporary side effect as you get used to the new crown that will be integrated into the tooth.

Pain management

The dentist should address any pain that goes further after the root canal. Do not diagnose yourself with any medications but look for a specialized dentist for the service. There are numerous things you can do to ensure that you manage pain arising from after the root canal procedure.

The safety of your tooth is an essential thing hence it will be great if you avoid any crunchy food after the procedure. Any hard foods should be avoided, and it will be good also if you quit smoking.

Severe pain after the root canal process can be a sign that all is not right.

Root canal is one of the best teeth medications as it takes care of the teeth that could be removed because of the infections which have entered through the roots to the pulp chamber and put its health peril. It is a suitable procedure despite having some bad reputations among patients since they have had tremendous pain due to the pain involved. However, in today’s world, everything is advanced, and there is a very slight chance that a patient will experience any discomfort.

Some pain may be normal.

 The root canal is a surgery that involves going to the tooth and the nerves to remove any pulp that is infected and fill the chamber with the rubbery material and seal it to prevent bacteria from entering again.

 You may be wondering what is causing a lot of pain after the root canal procedure. They are very factors that may be causing pain. They include; inflammation of the tissue around the root canal since the work and nerves in the area can signal pain until when the inflammation will reduce.

Some tissues may have been damaged because of the tools used to do the root canal procedure and will take several days for it to heal.  It, however, is not something you need to worry about, and it will take you some few times before you are back to normal.

Tips for oral health

If you practice good oral health, it will help in preventing any pain form any recent root canal procedure. It will also help the crown last for many years while protecting al the other teeth. The following are the tips that you need to put into consideration;

Do not consume hard foods after the root canal process

Brush the teeth twice a day. The toothbrush should be moved gentle in circling motions to ensure the teeth remain clean without affecting the gums of the area the surgery has been carried out. Special care should be taken around the tooth with any recent root canal.

  • Ensure you floss at least once a day to prevent any future infection
  • Minimize any intake of sugary and drinks
  • Visit your dentist regularly for cleanings of your teeth.


A root canal will cause some mild pains every few days. It is very temporary and will disappear after a few days on its own. In order for it to disappear quickly, you need to undertake good oral hygiene. Ensure that you visit your dentist if the pain prolongs.

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