After a patient finishes their root canal procedure, the next steps they ask themselves is what they will eat. It is recommended that they should consume very soft and cold foods. However, let us discuss some basics first.  A root canal will clean the teeth thoroughly from inside. It clears the dead pulp, and then replace with a solid filling material.

The tooth will then be sealed and secured by a crown and will proceed to function as a normal tooth that does not decay. In other instances, an extra surgery is needed to at the tip or apex of the tooth to expunge all infected tissues and adequately seal the tooth. Nevertheless, a small incision and few stitches are needed.

When it comes to root canal, there are Dos and Don’ts specifically on what you are supposed to eat after the surgery. In this article, we are going to tell you what you are supposed to eat after the root canal.

How to eat after root canal

Do not eat using the same side of the treatment but on the opposite side that is the side that is not numb. It will ensure that you don experience any bites or burn to yourself.

Ensure that the food you eat is soft and does not need too much chewing

Ensure you do not consume any hot food and drinks, for example, hot soup or hot tea

Foods to eat after root canal

You need to eat a specific food after the root canal procedure to ensure that. The following are the foods that you need to eat after the root canal procedure;

  • Fruits such as bananas, mangoes, pears peaches, applesauce and fruit smoothies
  • Soft cereals
  • Yoghurts
  • Pudding
  • Eggs
  • Tofu soup
  • Tuna Salad
  • Humus
  • Mashed vegetables such as the potatoes and cauliflower
  • Sushi 
  • Pancakes
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta and noodles fruits

Plenty of these foods such as the fruit smoothies, yoghurt and soft cereals, you can eat them immediately after the surgery process when there is still swelling. They will soothe the area.

Foods to avoid after the root canal

Just like any other surgery, we have a healing period after the root canal. Patients who have undergone the root canal needs to avoid eating food that will put too much pressure on the newly crowned tooth. Ensure that you do not consume any food which will lead to continuous bleeding to the area. The food you eat will play a significant role in the way the mouth will heal.

The following are the foods to avoid;

Hard foods

Any patient who has had a root canal done to them needs to avoid any hard foods. They include the crackers, potato chips, nuts, carrots, candy and even ice. These hard foods may cause a patient to bite down hard on them. It will only cause pain but also prolong the healing time. There will always be temptations to consume certain foods but try as much as possible to prevent consuming anything hard until the dentist tells you to do so.

Chewy foods

You need to give the area the root canal has been performed enough time to heal before consuming any foods. It means that do not do anything that will irritate the gums. It is because of this reason that a person needs to avoid any chewy foods as much as possible.

Avoid steaks and any other meat. Remember you need to avoid putting a lot of pressure to the teeth.

Hot and cold foods

A root canal is popular and has performed on billions of people globally. It is just like any other surgery. The process involves scraping, cleaning and drilling of the tooth by a dentist which leaves the area very sensitive to any cold or hot food. Just like any other after surgery symptoms, it subsides very quickly. However, during the healing phase, a person needs to avoid consuming any hot or cold food.

Spicy foods

This oral surgery is very funny that it makes people who have undergone it wake up looking for any spicy food to consume. No matter how you crave for the spicy food, ensure that you try a much as you can to avoid them after the root canal surgery. A patient needs to list down the food they will eat after the healing and focus on them until the time is right.


We have patients that love alcohol often. It is however recommended that you wait after the surgery. Alcohol has been found out to promote bleeding. You will experience slight bleeding after the surgery but when you take alcohol, It will change the fact; hence they need to stick to non-alcoholic beverages till they heal or the dentists permit them to do so.

Root Canal Treatment Aftercare 

After surgery, the sensitivity of the place will last for several days. You need to follow the laid down guidelines set aside by the dentist to ensure you do not develop any complications after the surgery. For those who have very tender gums, a dentist may recommend you to take over the counter drugs that you will rinse with warm saltwater.

Ensure that you also brush twice a day and floss a day. However you need to extra cautious when flossing around the affected area and ensure you protect the crown by avoiding pulling the floss upwards near it.

You need to endure a little discomfort and any inconvenience to enable you to have a healthy and fully restored tooth. To ensure the crown that has gone several filling remains in great shape, you need to follow the laid out procedures and eat the food that will not affect the tooth.


In this article, we have discussed what you need to consume and what you need to avoid after the root canal surgery. Follow the foods, as discussed in this article to ensure you heal very fast with less pain. Consulting your dentist if you need any further advice about how to go with your teeth and the food is highly advisable.  

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